Burial Options: Mt. Olivet is Hannibal's only cemetery of choice

Cremated Remains Options

Cremated Remains Options

• In-ground burial: cremated remains section only
Location: Section B of the memorial park
Each burial space is 20” x 20”
Price of the burial space includes opening and closing fee
Price: $225.00

• Scattering grounds
Location: Wooded area of Section B of the memorial park
Price: $100.00

• In-ground burial: outside of cremated-remains section
Location: Monument or memorial park sections
Each burial space is regular 40” x 120” space
Two (2) cremated remains burials allowed on one space
Price: $750, plus opening and closing fee(s)

Guidelines for no outer container (vault) burials:Check with your funeral director for savings with this option.

Guidelines for no outer container (vault) burials:
Check with your funeral director for savings with this option.

• Burial area
No vault burials are only allowed in the memorial park. Check with your funeral director for savings with this option.

• Notice of on-going grave upkeep
o Any interment space, vault or no vault, requires time for the settling of the ground after burial. Depending on the time of the year of the burial and the weather conditions, this settling can take up to a year. Our groundskeepers take care to watch for settling and refill as needed. Once the burial space is completely settled, top soil, grass seed, and a layer of straw is placed on the burial space.
o With no outer container (vault) burials, the settling may be on a grander scale and could continue for several years. Your funeral director will explain the details of on-going settling issues. Family members need to understand the groundskeepers will monitor the settling of these graves very closely and will refill as soon as weather conditions permit. Temporary, protective covering may be installed by the groundskeepers until weather conditions allow for the proper refilling of the grave space.

Natural (Green) Burial Option:

Natural (Green) Burial Option:

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Association has recently developed a natural (green) burial section, the first of its kind in the Hannibal area. A natural burial is an environmentally sustainable alternative to a conventional burial. It offers a cost effective, eco-friendly burial in harmony with the beautiful, natural surroundings provided by the grounds of Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Natural burials differ from traditional burials in that the decedent is placed in a casket made of renewable, biodegradable material (bamboo, wicker, willow) or wrapped in a fabric burial shroud, instead of being placed in a traditional wooden or metal casket. Embalming is prohibited unless utilizing GBC approved formaldehyde-free, nontoxic and biodegradable embalming fluid. This type of burial allows the body to return to the earth in a natural progression.

In developing this natural burial area, the Mt. Olivet Cemetery Association honors those who desire a simple, natural approach to the end of life. As these burials pay tribute to the deceased, they also celebrate the living by contributing to sustainable practices.

Price: $750.00, plus opening and closing fee.