Cemetery Decorating Guidelines

Flowers placed in monument vases, hanging on shepherds’ hooks, or attached to the monument may be left permanently or until they fall into disrepair. Place shepherds’ hooks next to the grave marker and limit the number of hooks to one per grave.

All other flowers, statuaries, flags, blankets, may be left on the graves from October 15 to March 15. After this date, all loose items will be removed for annual spring clean-up.
These decorations can be placed back on the graves beginning May 1, allowing for the Memorial Day and Mothers’/Fathers’ Day holidays. After July 1, all loose items will again be removed for the mowing season.

While every precaution will be taken during the mowing season, the cemetery is not responsible for any decorations placed on grave sites.

Permanent planting of flowers, shrubs, or trees on individual grave spaces is not allowed anywhere on the grounds of Mt. Olivet Cemetery.